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Health, safety and environmental issues are the most important factors relating to our business

C'est Bon History

C`est Bon place great emphasis on the relevant regulations and procedures being strictly adhered to. HSE objectives of C`est Bon are:

  • Safer, healthier and environmentally friendly business
  • Creation of a positive HSE culture throughout the operations
  • Minimum environmental and health impact
  • Consciousness in all HSE issues

HSE Policy Statement

Our aim is to provide safer and healthier conditions for all people whilst work is being carried out with minimum affect to the environment. This will require constant vigilance if we are to attain our aims, and will result in not only financial savings but also human and mankind values. C`est Bon’ policy is to provide safe and healthy workplaces and to encourage safe and environmentally safe working practices amongst the staff.

C`est Bon fully acknowledges its responsibility on provision of safe working conditions and protection of the environment for providing the means to enable every employee to work safely in a healthy environment with suitable welfare facilities including but not necessarily limited to, requirements laid down by law. Our aim is to be conscious of all HSE issues.

We believe that everyone has a duty to care for the environment and to seek ways to conserve natural resources. In pursuit of our business goals, we will seek to minimize the wastage of raw materials and energy, and to minimize harmful emissions resulting from our activities.

We will comply with all laws and regulations concerning HSE and will actively cooperate with the authorities on health, safety and environmental protection matters. We will inform all our suppliers and contractors of our HSE policy and will monitor their performance to ensure that the goods and services they provide meet our relevant objectives. Our customers and clients will be made aware of our initiatives and we will encourage them to help us achieve our HSE goals.

HSE Operational Procedures

To achieve the HSE objectives of the company C`est Bon takes measures and performs a number of actions that cover the following aspects:

Every employee has to acknowledge his personal responsibility and do everything possible to prevent injury to himself and others and environment and cooperate with Management or any other authorized person, to enable them to comply with any duty responsibility imposed on them, by or under any relevant statutory provisions.

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