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Our human resource policy is designed to help people to feel proud to work for C`est Bon

To achieve strategic goals and daily objectives, C`est Bon needs professional, responsible, motivated and dedicated people. Our human resource policy is designed to help people to feel proud to work for C`est Bon and feel comfortable working for us. We will always improve our human resources management policy and introduce the systems which motivate people to work with C`est Bon over the long term./p>

Why C`est Bon

We look for people who share in our ambition to be a global company, successful and competitive.

C`est Bon is a dynamic company with clear goals and standards. Moreover, we are proud that we put human capital at the core of our company’s success. We believe that by having the right people at the right place we will be able to achieve our goals. The core of our HR policy is respect for each individual who works with C`est Bon, regardless of faith, gender, nationality or position.

Only with professional, motivated and dedicated personnel  can C`est Bon achieve its planned strategic goals and daily objectives. For that purpose, the company’s entire Human Resources Policy is designed to help people to feel proud working with C`est Bon. We aim to always improve our human resources management policy and will introduce systems that will help to  motivate people to work with C`est Bon for the long term.

Release your creativity

We are proud that we can create an atmosphere where each staff member can release their creativity and realize themselves as individuals. We look for creative ideas and always apply them in daily work activities.

Challenges and ambitions

The nature of our business and our ambitions to be a global company requires  all people working with us to be ready for any challenges in their work. We really appreciate such people, because they will drive our business to new horizons.

We’re looking for individuals who believe that our ambitions to be a global company are real, and will do everything to achieve this core strategic goal.

Pay and Rewards

We always strive to create conditions where people can find the balance between their knowledge and skills and the rewards they get from us. We look for an individual who is an entrepreneur, innovative, ambitious, creative and responsible.

We are proud that the basic salary of our staff is higher than the average salary rate in the market. We will continue this policy in order to be a competitive employer in the market. In addition to the basic salary we give our staff members bonuses, and award our best employees with awards including: “Best employee of year”, “Best cook of year”, and “Best customer service employer of year”.

In  the future, when C`est Bon becomes a Plc. and will list its shares in the stock market, we will grant our staff members with shares to enable them to be shareholders of the company.

Career and professional development

We strive to be a responsible and sustainable company. Sustainable means not only in finance, but also the relationship with our staff, partners and the community where we operate.  We really want to hire people who would consider C`est Bon as a place where they would work for a long period of time.

In C`est Bon, every person can pursue career development from entry levels to senior positions. Starting from the owner and including senior and line managers, we encourage every staff member to be promoted within the company. In the 21st century, the economy is knowledge based, and we understand that to remain competitive, our learning process should be constant. The first thing that every person should do when they sign the contract with C`est Bon is to get training for his or her job.

We provide training and development for all staff, using both internal and external resources.

Equal opportunity and diversity

C`est Bon is proud that respect for the individual is the core principle of our HR Policy. People of different nationalities, cultures and religions feel comfortable working for C`est Bon. People of different ages (over 18), sizes and shapes can also feel comfortable working here.

As we plan to have our businesses in various countries with different cultures, traditions and history, we all need to learn how to effectively work in a multinational business respecting different perspectives and backgrounds.

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