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Our corporate policy aims for our business to contribute to human


It is the obligation of C`est Bon and the people who work with it to be always  responsible. As our aim is to be a global company with operations across the cultures, religions and nations, it is important for us to understand these different aspects and respect them. Our corporate policy extends our responsibility to the following groups of people:


We understand that good community relationships are one of the keys to success. We don’t want to harm the communities in which we operate and do business. We believe that only by having an open and transparent dialogue, we can always find the best to every challenge. The key area which interests us in terms of supporting the local community is education. We believe that education is the key to progress, development and economic growth of every nation. Moreover, we believe that the community should always have access to information about C`est Bon activities. (The information should be updated and contain information which is really of interest to community members.)


We equally respect all our customers, regardless of their religion, culture or belief. In our activities, we do our best to make them comfortable with our service and food. Our responsibility to our customers means that we should always strive to provide our customers with healthy and risk free food and services. Customers should have easy access to our menu, food, the ingredients we use, and our prices.


Our primary aim is not to damage the environment. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impacts throughout our entire operations and activities. C`est Bon’s long term strategy is to use only environmentally friendly packaging. Our policy dictates that all people who work with C`est Bon should understand the environmental issues and always strive to minimize the impacts on the environment. Moreover, we understand that innovative and smart solutions are the best way to protect our environment. C`est Bon’s environmental policy is to buy, sell and use only environmentally friendly products and goods. People who are responsible for environmental issues in our company will always report our activities for protecting our environment to the community and the media.

Business partners

Trustful, long term and sustainable relationships with our business partners is our priority. Equally, we ask our business partners to understand, respect and commit to our corporate responsibility policy. We are highly interested in working with partners that are committed to doing business in a responsible and ethical manner, respecting the rights of individuals, and helping to protect the environment. We are not interested in doing business with partners that use child labor in any form as it conflicts with our “Child Labor” policy.

People who work with us

Here in C`est Bon, we understand that our business is fully dependent on our human capital. With professional, dedicated and responsible teams, we will be able to beat the competition and be a leader in this sector. C`est Bon is proud that our people from different nationalities, cultures, religions, and beliefs feel comfortable working for C`est Bon. As we plan to have our businesses in various countries within different cultures, traditions and histories, we all need to learn how to work effectively in a multinational business respecting different perspectives and backgrounds. We ask that all of our people who work with us respect and share C`est Bon’s corporate responsibility policy. We always share information and knowledge in this area to get maximum effect from what we believe as a corporate responsibility policy.

Child labor

We are strictly against using child labor. Moreover, we don’t buy goods or services from businesses that use child labor in any form. When a child (under 18 years old age) inquires about a job at C`est Bon, we always have open discussion with them and explain why we think that it is too early to work, and that continuing their education is a better path to take.

Business ethics

If we don’t have trust among the community, our business partners, staff members and customers, we will fail to build our global business. For that reason we will revise the way we do business and bring it to the level which complies with business ethics. The C`est Bon team is categorically against bribery and corruption. We believe that bribery and corruption of all kinds are the major problems of economic development. Moreover, it doesn’t provide fair competition for businesses and thus customers lose the choice of access to better products or services. C`est Bon is a non-political organization and we will never participate in any political activities or make any political contributions, whether in cash or in kind.

Our impact

C`est Bon has a vital impact on local economic development through employment opportunities, buying goods from local suppliers and investing in the community.Today, more than 70% of the raw ingredients used in our business are purchased from local suppliers in Baku. While investing in local businesses, C`est Bon also pays taxes to the state budget. We are proud that we can contribute to the country’s economy and add value to the country’s competitive advantage in the global economy.

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