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The first lucky order was prepared by the owner of C`est Bon in his home kitchen

C'est Bon History

The first lucky order was prepared by the owner of C`est Bon in his home kitchen. It was March 2006 and the order from an international organization was for 20 sandwiches.

At this time he had only 30 AZN (about $34) and the profit on that first order was 14 AZN (about $16). Having an inspiring success and receiving positive feedback about the taste, service and packaging, the owner decided to move his business ahead and serve more and more businesses and customers. For this purpose, he wrote the first red and white colored advertisement – a menu - and sent it out to business centers and companies operating in Baku.

From that day, he introduced the red and white colored logo, with red meaning that C`est Bon is a dynamic company with ambitious plans and goals, and white meaning transparency in finance, production and management and cleanliness in food preparation

From 7th of April 2006, C`est Bon started delivering its food and services to offices and apartments. To increase the effectiveness of the business, new corporate standards on finance and resource management, purchasing, customer service management, HR and employee motivation systems were introduced.

C`est Bon is a fresh food company aimed to create handmade natural, fresh and high-quality food avoiding any chemicals, additives and preservatives.

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